We are

Different in the way we look at and see the world around us

Proudly different in the way we face projects, in the precision and details with which we start them and take them forward, without ever detouring from the path of innovation.


Booming in Portugal and in several other countries, the portfolio built over the years in the real estate, tourism, agricultural, forestry and agroforestry sectors, is undoubtedly what best defines and presents FVC Estate Investments.


As a business group we boast solid experience in benchmark projects in the construction sector, an experience that arose from the vision of its founder, Vasco Couto. With a background in engineering and construction, Vasco Couto was able to skillfully pass on his entrepreneurial profile to the whole group, merging and aggregating the various companies around unique, memorable projects.

Key Figures
Excellence, entrepreneurship
and competence as the foundation
of all projects.
Area under management
392259 m2
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Precision: the utmost intention

The determination to do something differently always begins with the choice of projects. We have from the beginning invested in unique projects that will distinguish the place and make a difference in the landscape which they integrate. Projects that, due to their differentiating character, modern technological, aesthetically beautiful and iconic reference works.


Precision as a cornerstone.


Excellence, entrepreneurship and competence as the foundation of all projects. Constant evolution is fostered on a daily basis and is shared by all levels of hierarchy.


Strongly rooted under this structure, our investments are contrived within the team and all based on a modern, innovative and technological business culture.

Organization chart

By combining the dream with precision and the determination to surpass expectations, to surprise and unmistakably leave a footprint on the environment and physical space where each work takes place, it is possible for projects with the architectural and social dimension that interests FVC Estate Investments to emerge.


In the four areas in which we operate, with all the inherent differences, the motivation is always the same: to do better, to make great strides and leave a footprint for the future.


No work emerges by chance or simply from pure financial business opportunity.

It emerges from an intrinsic commitment to do it well, with pride and satisfaction, and the details depict the clear awareness of responsibility assumed in each project we choose to take forward.

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