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The company itself was set up recently but its roots date back to over 20 years of experience and know-how, cemented by a family tradition of builders.
It is this daily work of years in the field that affords FVC Realty the competence to launch itself in new, more daring, and innovative projects.

What we want for the future is clear in projects that have already been completed. The World Trade Center Lisboa is an excellent example of what we aspire and strive to become: dream builders.

Sharing our heritage with the top retail companies in the country also allows us to share some of their success. Helping other brands to achieve a high level of excellence by providing them with the infrastructure and technical know-how necessary for their growth and modernization is an important asset of the group's business and a boost toward the innovative and dynamic spirit of Portuguese entrepreneurs.

Investing in facilities is important to us but what really drives us is the investment in the people who work there and who have passed through there, thus giving back a little of all the good they do for all of us with the brands they represent.

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